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The smart authoring tool for anyone looking to create high-quality e-learning materials.

The LXT Authoring tool – create effective e-learning materials quickly and easily.

An innovative authoring tool for creating e-learning modules, learning nuggets, video quizzes, simulations and much more.

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The three most important success factors in e-learning

Success factor #1


Problem: There is often a lack of didactic experience and ideas for effective trainings.

How LXT can help you:

  • We have an integrated Didactics Architect that makes didactic work easier for you.
  • We have developed a showcase in which you can see numerous didactic examples.
  • We have a template library free for your use.
  • We have over 1,000 examples of how content can be presented creatively and effectively.

Success factor #2


Problem: Production of e-learning projects often takes too long. Script writing takes up too much time and feedback processes are drawn out.

How LXT can help you:

  • You can work directly in the authoring tool without the need to create a script beforehand.
  • You are, therefore, able to work faster than in PowerPoint or Word.
  • You can work online with your colleagues at the same time.
  • You are able to manage all feedback processes directly in the tool and no longer need to send and evaluate emails.

Success factor #3


Problem: Many tools offer an extremely large number of features and are, therefore, extremely complicated to use.

How LXT can help you:

  • Complex tools only prevent you from enjoying working with them in the long term.
  • That is why the operation of our authoring tool is simple and intuitive.
  • You will be ready to go in no more than 1.5 hours and will be able to produce your own results quickly.
  • The ready-to-use learning modules are also self-explanatory for the learner.

5,800 authors from over 400 companies work with our LXT Authoring tool.

Here is a sample of some of our customers

What do our customers say?

Julia Jäger, eprimo GmbH: With LXT, we are able to create and adapt our learning content quickly and easily on our own and distribute it to our employees across our various locations. This saves us valuable time and ensures everyone is up to date with just a few clicks. Thanks to the many different design options offered by the tool, we are able to make even the most difficult theoretical topics easy to understand.

Martin Winkler, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH: With LXT, we have a system in place that satisfies the complexity of our needs while also being intuitive & easy to use. Sometimes less is more when the right things are done well. This is the case here. With the two tools (Authoring and Engagement) combined, we have an intuitive authoring tool and user-centric runtime environment all in one – I’m not sure what we’d do without it now.

Nadine Tück, Grohe AG: The tool from the Bildungsinnovator is incredibly intuitive and impresses with its simplicity. Creating a beautiful and structured training is done based on a modular principle, meaning it is possible to ‘cobble together’ a well-structured and readable page in just a few minutes. At the same time, the functions are by no means restrictive and you can get as creative as you like with it. The translation process is also very simple. We produce almost all our courses in as many as 10 languages and are able to integrate them quickly and easily without having to adapt each text field. We've worked with other authoring tools before, but LXT Authoring guarantees the perfect balance between simplicity and creativity.

Would you like to delve a little deeper?

Here are three additional videos to give you a greater understanding of our authoring tool.

Kai & Bernhard

Would you like a short demonstration or a free trial?

Ask Kai or Bernhard

Kai Prenner / Bernhard Fritz
Customer Happiness Manager

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A smart tool is, unfortunately, not all you need to be successful. Take advantage of the largest collection of free training materials for e-learning authors.

Sometimes we fall in love with a tool and think problem solved. However, we know from experience that tool competence is not the same thing as concept competence. In other words, just because you know how to use Word, it doesn’t mean you know how to write a good marketing letter. And that’s exactly how it is with e-learning concepts too.

That’s why we have built up the largest collection of training materials for e-learning authors on the market. As an authoring tool customer, you will benefit from this free of charge.

#1 Authoring and didactic training

90-minute learning module

#2 Operating the authoring tool

30-minute learning module

#3 Didactic showcase

Over 30 examples for inspiration

#4 Engagement design – Activating learners

50-minute learning module

#5 Quality standards in e-learning

30-minute learning module

#6 Didactically effective design

55-minute learning module

… or use our free books to gain your expertise.

eLearning Mastermind

Whether you are just starting out in the field, already have some experience or are a long-standing professional: our e-learning experts Dirk Rosomm and Mirja Hentrey will show you how to become an e-learning mastermind, step by step.

Included free of charge with the authoring tool.


Why struggle to learn when you can use fun to make it easier? Our two learning experts, Tom Freudenthal and Dirk Rosomm, will show you how we, as adults, can find our way back to a childlike love of learning. Which is exactly what is needed for confident and highly effective learning.

Included free of charge with the authoring tool.

Didaktik Architekt

In many companies, there are often people who are eager to develop and evaluate concepts – they just don’t have the didactic know-how to do it.

This book makes didactic design easier for you – and protects your learners from low-quality learning products. You will learn to build effective learning formats that bring real learning success.

Included free of charge with the authoring tool.

Frequently asked customer questions

The question


Our answer

How can I have the relevant departments produce their own training materials?
Good question. That is only possible with a tool that is really smart and simple. Approximately 1,200 of our 5,800 authors are from specialist departments.
How can I get started quickly?
It normally takes no more than three days to get started. And, in most cases, it is even faster.
How can I get up to speed quickly?
We offer web-based training. You'll be up and running in 1-2.5 hours.
What other skills do I need?
We have additional learning modules available that we provide for you free of charge. An authoring and didactics training, a didactic model, engagement design and, of course, basic knowledge on how the brain learns most effectively too.
Who can I turn to if I have any problems?
We offer first-class support with a high response rate and are, of course, based in Germany. ;-)
Are you also able to produce learning modules for us if we don't have enough time?
Of course. We have 11 very experienced authors and 5 designers in our team.

Get creative


Create visual worlds, engage learners from the very first moment and lead them through the content effectively.

2. Learn through play with our interactive simulation

Put the learner in real everyday situations so they are able to learn new processes or behaviours through play.

3. Video quizzes

Ensure variety with multiple choice quizzes: A video quiz is more entertaining and has a greater impact on learning.

4. Chatbot

Use this popular, modern tool to increase learning motivation or encourage participants to engage in self-reflection.

5. Videos

Exploit the power of video formats: use as small nuggets with markers to increase use and with subtitles so they can be easily adapted for international audiences.

6. Interactivity

Use our 12 interactions to bring your learning module to life. Use them to improve the effectiveness of knowledge transfer or to check on the success of your students’ learning.

Make it easier. Make it better.

1. Use agile production

No more second-guessing what learners and clients might like. With LXT, feedback on your projects is available immediately, preventing wasted work and unnecessary frustration.

2. Manage projects online

Coordination times with feedback providers and external partners can be reduced by over 40% when using our fully integrated task management system. Giving feedback is easy within the tool and can even be left as a voice memo.

3. Work with ease

We have developed the authoring tool so that any department can create or adapt content themselves. Our aim: to be easier to use than Word!

4. Achieve didactic excellence

Ensure excellent didactics without the need for additional work. With our Didactics Architect, you can design your learning module directly in the authoring tool, making it of higher didactic quality.

5. Use professional templates

Thanks to our template library, you have direct access to tried and tested templates, allowing you to save time when creating content.

Look for security.

1. Device autonomy

Never patronise the learner! They should decide for themselves which device (smartphone, tablet or desktop) they want to use to learn, as taking ownership of learning requires autonomy.

2. Usability

Simple. Quick. Clear. These are the principles we follow when developing LXT, to ensure your solutions are accepted by your learners.

3. Accessibility

More and more works councils are demanding that content be available to all learners. With LXT, you can keep calm knowing we’ve got you covered with these sensitive issues.

4. Costing certainty

You pay a fixed annual price that includes everything you need: licence, updates, support and endless new ideas. There are no hidden costs.

5. Inspiration

If you ever get stuck when creating content: our showcase offers you the latest inspiration and ideas for what you can achieve with LXT.

Kai & Bernhard

Would you like a short demonstration or a free trial?

Ask Kai or Bernhard

Kai Prenner / Bernhard Fritz
Customer Happiness Manager

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