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Welcome to the LXT Stories

LXT is the learning technology provided by Bildungsinnovator. It includes an authoring and a learning tool. Enjoy!

Great ideas and features to enhance the digital learning experience

How can I increase the technical relevance of training for my learners and avoid demotivation and frustration?

How can learners get quick and easy answers to their questions from a subject expert?

How can I make my content available quickly and easily for any end device?

How can I set up a video portal in just a few minutes?

How can I build needs-oriented landing pages to ensure a positive first contact?

Innovative and exciting learning formats

How can I activate the learner with a chatbot? How can I use a chatbot function to aid user reflection?

How can I engage learners with an interactive chatbot and how are mental blocks best overcome?

How can I effectively and sustainably support my learners in applying what they have learned in their everyday work?

How can I produce podcasts with minimal effort and make them available to my learners quickly and easily?

How can I watch self-explanatory videos and/or product features together with my customer?

How can I provide sales content that also helps with real-world application?

How can I develop a lively quiz in a simple, interactive way?

How can I produce webinars quickly and effectively and make them easily available to my learners?

Producing eLearning modules quickly and easily

How can I sustainably ensure the quality of my content?

How can I use my knowledge of the authoring tool to design didactically high-quality training courses?

How can I avoid contradictory feedback and gain more time for conception and project management?

How can I build a script-free initial concept quickly and easily to enhance the creativity of the final product?

How can my employees produce content quickly and easily and make it available to other employees with just a few clicks?

How can I best integrate external resources to provide additional inspiration?

Typical training topics and examples

How can I use IT training to quickly and easily support the core activities of my employees without interrupting the work process?

How can I make content available quickly and easily both to my own sales team and to customers?

How can I deliver technical training to my learners in a needs-oriented way?